About Bluewhale.


Hi, I am Rob, I run Bluewhale Pedal Co. I am committed to crafting premium quality guitar pedals, I am known for creating pedals that truly enhance your tone, are robust, reliable, and of course look fantastic. Every Bluewhale pedal is handcrafted by myself, I design, build and handwire every Bluewhale pedal myself here in Bude, Cornwall.
When you choose to buy a Bluewhale pedal you will own something handcrafted with passion and exceptional attention to detail. I love to build pedals, there is no other occupation I would rather persue, I am proud of my work and I am confident that when you try one you will agree Bluewhale pedals offer great value for money as well as the highest build quality and performance available, anywhere, at any price.

More information includng short sound demos are available on my socials, Facebook Bluewhale_pedals, and Instagram @bluewhalepedals

Why not checkout the Facebook group "friends of bluewhale pedals"

Thank you for your interest in Bluewhale pedals, best regards Rob.