Germanium Tonemaster MP26B

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The Germanium Tonemaster from Bluewhale does treble booster, full range boost and everything in between, it contains a germanium transistor type MP26B made for the Soviet military in the 1980's, the transistor is biased for asymmetric clipping, every pedal is set up during the build with the value of some components selected to suit the actual transistor to be fitted to the pedal, I consider this necessary because old germanium transistors vary widely from one to the next, but imperfection is where great tone comes from.

The transistors used in this pedal must be wired positive earth, the Germanium Tonemaster therefore contains a power circuit to both filter the supply and generate a negative power power supply from the standard pedal board supply, without getting to technical this ensures the Germanium Tonemaster will be right at home in amongst your existing pedals.

The gain control sets the pedals gain, at 0 the gain is about 50 times, at 11 the gain is 400 times. Bluewhale pedals are built in a tough diecast aluminium enclosure with a hard wearing powder coat finish, I hand build these pedals individually using only top quality parts from trusted suppliers, the result is fantastic tone and robust reliability.