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       The Bluewhale Echoverb is a digital delay pedal that is refreshingly easy to use, it does the basics well with no fuss. It has only 3 controls, output blend which adjusts the level of the repeats relative to the raw signal, there is a control for the number of repeats, and the 3rd control sets the time between repeats. Unlike most Bluewhale pedals the Echoverb does not have true bypass switching, the reason for this is to allow any repeats in the "pipeline" to sound after the pedal is bypassed but no new echos will be created. This is desirable as true bypass would cut all repeats off abruptly.

    Bluewhale pedals are handcrafted to the highest standards in Bude Cornwall UK. I use only the highest quality components in my pedals to ensure the best tone and a long and reliable life. The enclosure is made of diecast Aluminium with a tough and attractive powder coat finish, the footswitch incorporates a halo LED indicator light, red when bypass mode is selected, blue when the pedal is engaged, you can always see exactly where to stomp, even on the darkest stage.

      Please watch the videos linked below and if you have any questions or would like to order please Email me at

      Thank you for your interest in the Bluewhale Echoverb.