Distortion X

Distortion X

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     This is the Distortion X from Bluewhale pedal Co, it is a op amp based pedal with germanium diodes in a hard clipping configuration. It is handcrafted in the UK from top quality components, It will make a robust and stylish addition to your pedal board.

    The Distortion X is an extremely versatile distortion with a surprising number of different tones on tap, it reacts brilliantly with your guitar and is lush, organic and harmonically rich,

     It does low gain well but triumphs at saturated metal/doom tones, it does everything in between with ease and quality. every note rings out instead of being lost in a mush of noise. If you are looking for a versatile distortion pedal, this is it.

     This is a lot of pedal for under £90, I do build them myself by hand here in the UK, click on the videos below and watch Jamie's 100% honest demos.

      Thank you for your interest in the Bluewhale Distortion X.