Cooltone Rosco

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The Cooltone Rosco is a compressor which started out as a clone of the famous Ross compressor, however the Ross had its problems of noise and distortion, so I decided to keep what was good about the Ross and junk the rest. To this end I designed a new input stage using a hifi grade op amp, this reduces input stage noise to a negligible level, if there is no noise there the compression stage cannot amplify it. The output stage was redesigned with a second op amp to eliminate distortion caused by interaction of the output signal with the envelope generator stage. The envelope generator includes the Keeley attack control mod which works well. The Rosco features top mounted jacks, a small, robust diecast metal enclosure finished in a classic looking cream powder coat, black chicken head knobs and detailed dials make it fast and easy to accurately dial in your favourite settings. All Cooltone pedals are handcrafted here in the UK using top quality components from trusted suppliers, this ensures that you will get many years of great tone and reliable service from your pedal at a fantastic price.